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About Us

We are WEBlogic

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work." Aristotle

Based in Durban North, our coverage area is the greater Durban area, concentrating on the East Coast. Most of our business is generated through word-of-mouth, which has allowed us to take on projects throughout South Africa and internationally.

We provide a high quality online presence to our clients, within the parameters of our philosophy of big impact by simplicity. We are confident about the standard of our work, and our clients have rewarded us accordingly. WEBlogic has produced quality, user-friendly sites for a wide range of industries. It's quite likely that your business is more familiar to us than you think.

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  • WEBlogic provides an online presence for our clients, building websites around an established corporate ID, or the other way around. We also provide a selection of graphic design services for customers who require stationery and presentation material, often based on their website design.
  • Our turnaround time is mostly dependant on the client's urgency. Service expectations are very important to us. We're pretty good at taking the initiative and getting on with the job, so you could find that all you have to do is approve the job.
  • James is your contact for all IT requirements; sales and marketing; as well as any admin queries. Jacquie handles websites and graphic design - from adverts to business stationery.
  • Daniel has now joined the business (mostly part-time). His talent and expertise allows us to offer you many more marketing services such as photography and videography.
"Meeting the challenges of an ever-changing online environment."

Meet Our team

Our core team are all family. We also partner with other Service Providers (aka friends who know stuff) when required to meet all your needs.